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    Gloria Colston also known on social media as MissDJGlo is a multi- instrumentalist young music producer who’s devoted to the basic elements of Hip-Hop such as Rapping, DJing, Beat Making and also plays the piano, electric guitar, bass, drums and the talk box.

    She is influenced by her father Dj Lordjazz, member of the first winning BET AWARD Hip-Hop group “Lords Of The Underground” and has shared the stage with some of Hip Hops greatest performers, such as Redman & Methodman, Onyx, Naughty By Nature, Keith Murray, Big Daddy Kane, Sugar Hill Gang, KRS One, D-Nice and so on.

    Gloria also landed a lead role in the world’s most popular French-language film of 2017 « TWO IS A FAMILY » starring France’s own Omar Sy.

    Her second movie “LES GAGNANTS” starring Joeystarr, Alban Ivanov and AZ, is planned to be released in France in April, 2022

    She is currently in the studio producing her next album scheduled to be released in 2022.